Get Refreshed at Our New Green Corner

Imagine the feeling when you see the lush greenery outside and take a deep breath. You instantly feel refreshed! You wonder: if only staying indoors can have the same effect as going outdoors…

With this notion in mind, the Sustainability Unit and landscape team from Campus Maintenance Office have joined together to create a new Green Corner in LG5 next to the McDonalds. Plants were selected for their unique properties in improving our health or providing other services for humans.  For example, ‘Epipremnum aureum’ is a gorgeous plant and is also efficient in removing harmful substances such as formaldehyde, toluene, xylene and benzene. ‘Lemon lime’ plant (also known as Dracaena deremensis) is a strong air purifier that filters airborne toxins.

Companies and governments are starting to recognize that plants can boost employee productivity in addition to proving beauty in the workplace.  A study done at the University of Technology Sydney showed that indoor plants in workplaces resulted in a 37% reduction in employees’ tension and anxiety, and a 38% drop in fatigue. Other studies have shown that plants may improve memory and attention span by as much as 20%.

The new Green Corner will provide information on the selected plants with information tags displaying the plant origins, unique features and fun facts. The idea is to show how nature and our lives are intertwined, even when we are indoors and unaware. 

We hope to see extension of this green belt to all the offices and classrooms on campus. Why not build a green corner in your office today and invite staff to get involved and look after them! There will be more amazing seasonal plants to be displayed in the Green Corner in future, so do remember to share your valuable ideas and thoughts through Sustainability Unit’s Instagram (@HKUST_Sustainability) and Facebook page (@HKUST Sustainability) or!

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